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"What does 'diversity' really mean?"

In Jamil Jivani’s recent piece, he reflects on US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and his thoughtful approach on the value of diversity of thought.


From the article, “If more Canadians were willing to ask the question posed by Thomas, our institutions might arrive at a more sincere and helpful definition of diversity. If, by “diversity,” a government office, business or school means people who look differently from one another but share the same liberal worldview, then they should say so. But, if institutions want to contend with the concerns raised by Thomas and others, they should also be celebrated for embracing a sense of “diversity” that is substantive and genuine.”



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Jamil is also the co-founder of Speak for Ourselves. A website created to spotlight, “writers and content creators who challenge the dominant narratives imposed on people of colour by media elites.”


On Oct 5, 2022 Jamil hosted a roundtable in which participants were invited to discuss Critical  Race Theory in Canada. Is it a useful paradigm or fringe ideology?