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Please join us Wed, Jan 18, 2023 at 6:30 MT.  Mr Maharaja will be speaking on the topic of MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) in Canada and how the policies impact new Canadians. Darshan grew up in India and witnessed its move from a socialized economy to a much freer market system. He spent years living in many different societies and cultures and brings a valuable perspective to the discussion.


Mr. Maharaja has written a collection of articles on MAiD covering such topics as:

  • Using MAiD as a tool to control costs in the healthcare system.
  • Expanding MAiD to infants and the medically ill
  • The conflict of organ donations.

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Recent headlines have also exposed that Veterans Affairs  have offered MAiD as an option to our Veterans when they sought care. From the article, “We now know that MAID has been offered to veterans with PTSD who can’t get help; to the disabled who can’t get community support; and to a mother because she couldn’t get the health treatment she needed. This isn’t caring for people, it’s failing them. We are going down a very dark road. And we are going down it blindly.”


Back in October 2022, Rupa Subramanya wrote about the alarming increase in MAiD for The Free Press.  As Rupa explains, Canada is ‘Poised to Become the Most Permissive Euthanasia Regime in the World’. 


We need to be talking about this.