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Quotes are from the September 20th 2021, Mankato Area Public School (MAPS) school board meeting, approval section for vision cards.  The Vision Cards begin on Page 74 of the MAPS agenda.

Discussion about Vision Card B,5, starts at about 10 minutes into the video.

Board member Kenneth Reid, states “As I think about the fact these are the vision cards, and we are strategically in the district, where we want to take the district in the next four to five years. I just have the question, which is why is it that it is the priority of the board, with the regards to the hiring of diverse populations, which is underrepresented populations, not necessarily all race or teachers of color, but also males, which is another population that is underrepresented in education, why is that not necessarily a focal point or a priority of the district, in this vision card?  The vision cards are supposed to help guide us as far as where we should be going and the efforts that we will be taking and the initiative that we put behind the vision of the District.  Where are we in regards to that being added to the vision cards.”

In response, board member, Darren Wacker, “I understand and appreciate what my colleague Mr. Reid is saying, I guess what I am perhaps wondering, as an extension of this, the board has already set as a priority of the superintendent, certain percentages of diversity within our staff and those are still applying towards subsequent years, as part of your review process.  Would that perhaps be, in your opinion, an area where we are addressing some of the things that Mr. Reid is bringing up?” 

Superintendent Peterson, “it does.  What I am hearing from Mr. Reid though, is that perhaps simply having that as a personnel goal, maybe we need to reconsider it showing up in more of a district vision goal. Yes, that is true.”

Notes Taken by Elizabeth Hanke

Message response from F.A.I.R to Superintendent Peterson:

Isn’t true diversity much richer? 
What about diversity of: 

– opinion (i.e. seeking out candidates who think independently and creatively)

– life experience (i.e. hiring a mix of new grads plus those who have sought teaching as a second career)

– educational track (i.e. hiring people who have graduated from ed schools plus those who have completed alternative teaching programs)

– geography (i.e. recruiting people from different areas of the country or world)

Superintendents Performance Reviews: Based on Vision Card B,5 and his ability to make his staff’s racial demographics look like his students.

Vision Card B,5