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By Megan Olson -October 22, 2021 Article Here

Message From Jill Marin, Current School Board Member, Albert Lea Public schools:

The happenings of the Sept 20th school board meeting had nothing to do with masking or unmasking. They had everything to do with dysfunctional governmental operation and the district culture I have been addressing over the past 11 years.

In my opinion, the culture in the district, which has now become systemic, is about control, fear, and devaluing of differing voices. Government should operate in a transparent way, full of integrity and honor. Educational cultures, especially, should value questioning, debate, and varying viewpoints. This is especially vital for development of critical thinking. Elected officials should understand the entire community they represent, operate with integrity, communicate with all people, do their own research, know their rights and duties, and consider history as they look forward. Personally, through the years, I have witnessed elected officials acquiesce to staff, repercussions for sharing varying viewpoints and questioning, and inappropriate behaviors hidden from public knowledge and carried right out in front of the people’s noses. It needs to stop. The time is now. There were many people signed up to speak on differing topics at the Sept 20th meeting, not just masking. Five out of the 15 names were hand selected, and 10 community members were denied the opportunity to address the board, even when a member moved for more time. I don’t even believe masking was the primary interest of concern. When I asked for a copy of the sign up sheet be provided, I was refused. As I await my copy to be provided by the district, I will provide for you here a copy for your review obtained from a community member

I have never declared myself as pro-mask, anti-mask, or a patriot by the current meaning of the word. I am not affiliated with any parties or individuals concerning these issues. Any comments on this page other than my own are not my opinion, but those of the commenter. Please keep all comments appropriate. I am only attempting to facilitate your voices being heard. This is your government at work.

Thank You Jill for allowing me to publish your Facebook Post,

Beth Hanke

The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR) is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing civil rights and liberties for all Americans, and promoting a common culture based on fairness, understanding and humanity. Although we do not take a stance on masking issues and debates, we do take issue with lack of transparency.

If you have tried having constructive conversations with your school, been well documented and still find a school to lack transparency, please reach out to FAIR in transparency.