Profiles in Courage

Stories of people who are advancing civil rights and liberties, and promoting a common culture based on fairness, understanding and humanity.

Dwight-Englewood Whistleblower

At Dwight-Englewood school in New Jersey, an award-winning teacher speaks out about her efforts to advocate pro-human values in education.

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Faust v. Vilsack

Standing up for fairness regarding a federal law that provides $4 billion in farmer debt relief, but only for farmers who are of certain racial minorities. Non-minority farmers are excluded.

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Grace Church Whistleblower

On April 13th, 2021, a courageous high school math teacher named Paul Rossi blew the whistle on harm being done to students.

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Columbus Academy

At a top independent high school in Columbus, Ohio, a coalition of over 400 community members are working to advance civil rights and liberties.

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Madison Racial Segregation

Advocating against racially segregated Zoom meetings and discussions in the Madison Metropolitan School District.

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Democracy Prep Case

By any normal standard, William Clark is not privileged. Quite the opposite. But apparently that’s not how his school sees it.

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Vitolo v. Guzman

Working for equal access to a $28.6 billion federal fund that deprioritizes some restaurant owners based on their skin color and gender.

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Rabiena v. Higher Educational Aids Board

Challenging a Wisconsin student grant program that excludes most Asian students, white students, and black students from foreign nations.

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Aasen v. Bonham

Class action opposing the California wildlife department's alleged plan to hire and promote employees based on race. The department is allegedly instructing employees about the evils of "whiteness," that white supremacy is the "default," and that black Americans are afraid of trees.

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