Promoting a common culture of
and Humanity.

We support diversity without division

Today, almost 70 years after the Civil Rights Movement began,
there is an urgent need to reaffirm and advance its core principles:

  • To insist on our common humanity.
  • To recognize that we are all entitled to equality under the law.
  • To advance Martin Luther King Jr.’s guiding principle that we all be judged
    by the content of our character, not the color of our skin.


That’s where FAIR comes in.

Speak out about the Day of Silence
The Day of Silence is about more than just awareness of bullying and violence.

The Wrong Kind of Diverse
Dr. Tabia Lee was ostracized as a DEI director for having a different take on the topic than her colleagues.




Intolerant orthodoxies in instutitions make it difficult for people to voice their opinions.

Narratives are accepted as truth without adequate investigation, leading to poor decision making.

Institutions are losing sight of their core missions and focusing on achieving social change in other arenas.

Real people are having their lives altered in shocking ways over opinions and viewpoints that are not far removed from majority consensus.

Our Solutions

FAIR in the Arts provides grants and other funding for artists, curates events to help artists establish supportive relationships, and develops a professional network of advisors, institutions, and enterprises to support artists facing intolerance.

FAIR in Education delivers training for teachers and administrators to create healthy school environments, develops pro-human learning resources that provide an alternative to identity-based curricula, and supports a professional network of teachers, librarians, and school leaders.

The FAIR Legal Department funds and publicizes precedent-setting lawsuits in support of individuals deprived of civil liberties, assists schools and employers in proactively implementing changes to discriminatory policies and practices, and equips FAIR members as they challenge intolerance and discrimination.

FAIR in Medicine raises awareness of unethical and politicized practices is healthcare, promotes scientific debate and inquiry, and collaborates with other advocacy groups to promote FAIR’s ethical, pro-human approach to the practice of medicine.

The FAIR Chapter Network creates awareness of discriminatory and divisive local policies, practices, and legislation, alerts communities to them, takes action to make policy changes at the grassroots level, and provides a network of like-minded peers, experts, and advocacy groups.

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