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Join us!

On Saturday, July 9th FAIR Austin is partnering with Central Texas Chapter of Braver Angels to bring FAIR Austin members a workshop to learn and practice skills to reduce polarization in political and controversial conversations.


FAIR Austin has asked the Central Texas Chapter of Braver Angels to conduct its “Depolarizing Within” workshop – just for our FAIR Austin members and friends!


Braver Angels is a national organization dedicated to reducing polarization in our political discourse and Braver Angels of Central Texas is its local chapter based in Austin.


During this interactive workshop, we will assess our individual perspectives and biases and learn how to speak with others without stereotyping, dismissing, ridiculing or being contemptuous. We’ll practice pro-human skills to intervene in polarizing conversations in ways that will not get us ostracized and come away with abilities to make conversations between differing viewpoints far more likely to be productive, successful, and sustainable.


As Braver Angels of Central Texas advertises: “You’ll be rewarded with skills you can use immediately.”


*** We ask that you please register for this event. You may bring family and friends who are interested in learning more about FAIR, Braver Angels and can abide by pro-human principals during this event.***


For additional details and to register, please visit the Eventbrite page (

We’re excited to see you there!