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The following is posted from the main web page of the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism.  A ‘quick link’ button has also been posted to the FAIR Alberta page. We sincerely hope you find this resource helpful and informative.

As students return to school this Fall, families and educators alike are aiming for success. In order to keep the critical school/family partnership strong, FAIR has created its 2023-2024 Success @ School Handbook. This handbook provides succinct overviews of the pressing issues facing parents and students today, and offers a wide range of helpful resources and action tools that can help you attain success this school year. Whether you’re new to the hot button issues cropping up in the K-12 education space, or a seasoned current-events veteran looking for help as the school year begins, this handbook has something for you. 

Inside, you will find:

  • FAIR’s suggestions for how to most effectively communicate with schools about questions and concerns;
  • High-level overviews of the prevalent issues and the accompanying legal rights that could be impacted; 
  • Tools and resources families can use to help make sure that students’ and parents’ rights are honored and upheld, all while maintaining focus on our common humanity.

No matter our political persuasions or locations across the country, we’re all unified by the desire to make this school year the best one yet for our nation’s students. That’s why it’s more important than ever to Keep Calm, and be FAIR.