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What follows is a preview of subjects we plan to discuss in the meeting. It is not a summary, as members are welcome to introduce new topics and issues.

March 20, 2024
We’re incredibly grateful to our guest, Eva Kurilova, for sharing her thoughts on the proposed parental rights policy. There is a public conversation brewing which appears to have a particular slant, so to facilitate expressing your voice, we have a template of a letter for you to use and share. It’s relatively neutral in its language on purpose. 
I’ll be attending the upcoming Quandaries presentation on DEI. It’s free to attend at King’s University in Edmonton using the link here.
FAIR is encouraging leaders to promote interest in our Substack. I can’t think of a better way of doing this than by sharing a recent article shared by Robert Graboyes. It addresses the “equity” portion of the DEI framework in a robust way that I really appreciated. This is not a call for paid subscriptions to the FAIR Substack, and to be overt there are no perks for being a paid member, so even just adding yourself as an unpaid member would be great.
\We’re trying to line up more speakers; details to come as that happens.

February 21, 2024  – Special Guest: Eva Kurilova

Update on opinion letter to the ATA. (Re: trivialization of Richard Bilkszto’s suicide).

Wednesday’s announcement by Premier Smith is significant and has been met with various degrees of pushback. As I try to engage with people about the matter of parental rights and gender, I find myself needing to be nimble and well-informed. This month’s chapter meeting will host a discussion on this topic with a guest speaker. This will likely be a Q&A style session with an interview portion. Our guest is Eva Kurilova, someone often brought up at chapter meetings who writes on the topic of gender on Substack as well as other outlets.
As a primer on the issue, here is Premier Smith’s announcement, and here is a CBC panel discussing the proposed policy. Many public figures and institutions have already claimed that the policy is or will be harmful (too many to link to…). A few writers are pointing to the shift in European policies or even doing analyses of studies which support gender medicine. Spoiler: the studies don’t claim what the advocates say they do.
I hope to attend a session on the issue on Tuesday, February 6 @6 pm, hosted by Mount Royal through Zoom, which is overtly critical of the policy. I’m doing so to consider their arguments, not because I agree with their position. I welcome your presence there. 

January 17, 2024

This month, to keep discussion focused, I want to discuss recent developments in diversity initiatives. With Claudine Gay’s “resigniation”, and Peter Boghossian’s prediction that there will be a reckoning in the next 6 months, there will be enough to discuss.

This week, I’ll be sending my opinion to the Alberta Teacher’s Association, and I welcome your feedback on the message, keeping in mind the audience is teachers who may not be familiar with Richard Bilkszto’s story.
Additionally, the Quandaries lecture series hosts a speaker in March on this topic, for which I’d love to get FAIR representation.
Talk soon,

December 20, 2023

We do bring up notable Albertans at times during our meetings. Recently, Eva Kurilova was invited to a meeting with Premier Smith. The content of the meeting hasn’t been unpacked, but the sentiment regarding the value of the meeting is very positive.
As well, FAIR sent representation to the somewhat incorrectly-named Quandaries event at King’s University. The speaker, Cheryl Whiskeyjack of the Bent Arrow Society, was well spoken and had a positive message about their work. The claim that the talk would address allyship and “pretendians” was inaccurate; instead it was an advertisement for Bent Arrow and light on content. Chapter co-leader Lee tried to broach the question of where relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians are headed in Cheryl’s opinion, for which the answer was vague as if to say that “the work” needs to continue. At some point, you can listen for yourself, but as of the time if writing, the audio of the lecture still isn’t posted. Prior to the public lecture, Cheryl was interviewed by the hosts of Quandaries, and this recording can be found on your favourite podcast outlet.
FAIR Alberta has also been pushing back against local organizations. I’ve spoken about my upset over the trivialization of Richard Bilkszto’s suicide, and I finally had a productive conversation with an ATA representative. As well, Lee had an opportunity to present about FAIR to a local union. The conversation was difficult as the hosts were not terribly open-minded, but we’re happy for the opportunity. We also hope that this primes us for more outreach.
Otherwise, please join us to discuss these updates or whatever else is on your mind. The meeting is on December 20 at our usual time, link below.
Best regards,
Rob Piotrkowski
November 15, 2023
We’re still concerned for the evolving situation in the Middle East. Recently, FAIR Executive Director, Monica Harris, made a statement about the situation. Former FAIR Advisor Bari Weiss has spoken out on the situation, and the Free Press posted an article with perspectives of people closely impacted by the war.
Recently, videos from the ARC (Alliance for Responsible Citizenship) Conference have been surfacing in my recommendations. By and large, they contain great timely messages that I recommend exploring. Here are links to talks by Tinker on energy and economy, Pageau on the guiding principle of policies, and MP Badenoch on race and grievance.
Lee and I are working on some local meetings where we can share FAIR values and we’ll try to update you as we can. In the meantime, I recently saw an advertisement for a lecture/Q&A series called Quandaries in Edmonton. Some of these topics overlap with FAIR values and I’d be interested in organizing group representation to these meetings if wanted.
Hope to see you soon,
Rob Piotrkowski

October 18, 2023

Hello members,

I’m struggling with how to start this notice. Everything that has happened in Israel/Gaza has me very confused about how the pro-human message stays valid in times like these. I grieve the suffering that innocents are experiencing and hope for a speedy resolution. Now more than ever do I feel that it’s important to treat our neighbours well regardless of their immutable traits.
Below you’ll find a link for our next chapter meeting. A notable bit of FAIR news is that Monica Harris has been named our new Executive Director. And in passing I ran across FAIR Advisor Daryl Davis debating on a panel at the 2023 Minds Fest conference in this video.
Top of mind this month is the unpacking of how TED suppressed Coleman Hughes’ TED talk. Coleman unpacks the situation on his podcast and points at how convoluted things became, including the requirement to engage in a public debate about colourblind policies.
Rob Piotrkowski