UC Denver Letter

Through multiple reports provided to FAIR: The University of Colorado, Denver was emphasizing a particular ideological viewpoint and concomitant intolerance of dissenting viewpoints. The University held events where individuals are physically segregated based on skin color. A chilling effect has resulted on campus, leaving some employees and students feeling they cannot express their beliefs without fear of retribution. In a letter to the University, FAIR expressed significant concerns. As an advocate for pro-human antiracism, FAIR respects educators who undertake efforts to create positive change and greater fairness. There can be no question of past and present injustices committed in this nation. However, institutional policies and practices that attempt to remedy prejudice should not themselves further prejudice or intolerance. It is unconstitutional for a public institution to segregate individuals by skin color, even if the purpose is benign. FAIR urged the University to reconsider the way in which it is implementing its equity initiatives. The policies and practices of a public university should promote positive aspirations and a unified community where all are welcome, discrimination based on immutable traits is prohibited, and divergent viewpoints are not merely tolerated, but respected.