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Bion Bartning

Founder, Entrepreneur

  • FAIR Founder

Bion Bartning is the founder of FAIR, the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism, and an entrepreneur and investor.

Bion previously co-founded eos Products, a personal care brand best known today for its iconic egg-shaped lip balm, as an equity partner and Chief Operating Officer of The Kind Group, a privately held company dedicated to the development and expansion of brands.

Previously, Bion was part of American Express’ Strategic Planning Group, where he conceived of and patented a new multi-channel system for booking travel and led the launch of a new consumer online travel business as Director, New Product Development, partnering with a major online travel agency. The American Express online consumer travel business that Bion launched has since grown to over $4 billion in annual sales.

Bion earned his MBA from Columbia Business School, and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in economics and environmental studies from Occidental College. He is an avid traveler, with a deep appreciation for cross-cultural understanding and relationships.

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Almost 70 years after Brown v. Board of Education, there is an urgent need to reaffirm and advance the core principles of the civil-rights movement. This isn’t an issue of left versus right. The defining question of our time is: How do we break through the demonization and division, and find the courage to move forward together, as Americans?

Bion Bartning
Founder and FAIR Chief Executive Officer