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New York City Chapter

Welcome to the New York City Chapter of the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR). FAIR is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing civil rights and liberties for all Americans, and promoting a common culture based on fairness, understanding and humanity.

The FAIR NYC Chapter is set up to:
• Provide support to NYC parents, teachers, professionals, students, and community leaders who are facing intolerance and/or looking to advance pro-human values in their school, organization, or community;
• Host and promote a diverse array of events that engage members of FAIR NYC in meaningful conversations and connections;
• Take action through local outreach, advocacy, and educational campaigns that advance a culture centered in our common humanity.

FAIR NYC is open to all individuals residing within the NYC Metropolitan Area. Sign up through the contact form below or email [email protected] to become a member.

Join FAIR NYC's Private Facebook Group or email [email protected] for more information or to get involved.

Chapter Menu:

Chapter News

Events, announcements, articles, and other FAIR NYC Chapter news.

FAIR Resources

  • Advocacy Toolkit – Articles, guides, and recommended reading for parents, professionals, and students looking to take action to advocate for pro-human values in their communities.

  • FAIR Transparency – Submit anonymous reviews of organizations, schools, and other programs to help FAIR learn about how people are experiencing diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.

  • FAIR Diversity – Trainings and workshops designed to empower organizations to approach diversity, equity, and inclusion with a pro-human perspective.

  • Member Forums – Sign up for FAIR’s private community forums to connect with other members.

  • FAIR Learning Standards – Request a copy of the Pro-Human K-12 Learning Standards. These standards invite all learners to envision an American society built on Fairness, Understanding, and Humanity.

  • Member Training Workshops – Sessions cover Grassroots Organizing, Finding Your Place at FAIR, and Organizing Your Organizing. Sign up for all three free sessions.

  • FAIR Video & Media Collection – A collection of FAIR’s videos including video curriculum for schools and self-directed learners, explainers from FAIR’s Advisors on the pro-human way, the FAIR Perspectives Podcast, stories from FAIR members, and more.

  • Newsletter – Keep up to date on all things FAIR. The newsletter will be delivered to your inbox every week.

  • FAIR Substack – A platform for original content that exemplifies FAIR’s commitment to pro-human values, free speech, and viewpoint diversity. Subscribe for featured essays, analyses, interviews, and more.

  • Social Media – Follow FAIR on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

Chapter Leaders

Maud MaronChapter Leader

Yiatin ChuChapter Leader

Brent MordenChapter Coordinator

Maud Maron is a mom, a public defender, an elected Community Education Council (CEC) Member and a New Yorker. Read Maud Maron’s FAIR Profile in Courage here.

FAIR Advisor Yiatin Chu is a mother of two and native New Yorker who, along with Maud Maron, founded parent advocacy organization and FAIR NYC partner PLACE NYC.

Brent Morden is a Queens native and Columbia University graduate. In his professional life, Brent works in the performing arts as a composer, music director & teaching artist. Email Brent.

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