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FAIR in the Arts is a nonpartisan professional network dedicated to advancing a common culture in arts, entertainment, & media that champions freedom of expression, open-mindedness, and the ability to strive for excellence in all creative endeavors. We affirm the power of art to unite by bridging perceived divisions and highlighting our common humanity.

FAIR in the Arts is part of a national organization of more than 35,000 members that also has networks in Education and Medicine.

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We Affirm

Artists, educators, and administrators in the FAIR in the Arts network believe that viewing each other based only on immutable characteristics such as skin color, gender, and sexual orientation misses an opportunity to see each other more fully as individual human beings.

In line with FAIR’s core principles of fairness, understanding, and humanity, FAIR in the Arts affirms that:

Artists of many different cultures, ethnicities, and ideologies should be free to express themselves without fear; our diversity is our strength.

Artists should be able to create art for art’s sake, and not be confined to making art that serves an ideological agenda.

Artists should be judged on the quality of their work and their contribution to our common humanity.

Art is an opportunity to foster compassion, conversation, and community.

FAIR in the Arts believes that in order to create meaningful change in our culture, we must first create culture.

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Are you interested in joining a community of artists dedicated to fostering compassion and conversation? Do you believe that artists should be judged based on the quality of their work and feel free to express themselves without fear?

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FAIR in the Arts Principles

We are pro-human artists.

We recognize that exceptional works of art often ask us to relate to individuals who may not share our immutable characteristics. We strive to create from a foundation rooted in our common humanity—one that transcends perceived divisions between groups.

We defend artists’ rights to create freely.

The creative process requires taking risks—one of which is the risk of offending. We acknowledge that patrons of the arts may choose whether or not to consume an artist’s work, but we do not support calls for any artist to be silenced, fired, or deplatformed due to differences in political or ideological affiliation.

We strongly support viewpoint diversity in the arts.

We encourage every artist’s ability to explore ideas that may not align with prevailing narratives. We believe that a wider range of perspectives is an inherent good, and that pressuring artists to conform to certain narratives dampens the power of art to express our diverse and multifaceted humanity.

We support the creation, production, and programming of art for art’s sake.

Creative expression and curation should not be required to serve an activist, political, or ideological goal.

We offer a home to all artists who feel alienated by intolerance and ideological orthodoxy in their fields.

We empower artists, arts educators, advocates, media professionals, and others who want to make their voices heard. We welcome everybody who wants to join us in advancing a pro-human culture in arts, entertainment, and media

FAIR in the Arts Goals

Foster and maintain a multidisciplinary community of artists that support, network, and collaborate to realize FAIR in the Arts' principles.

Provide grant funding to support pro-human artists and projects.

Host live events, conversations, workshops, and seminars to advance FAIR in the Arts’ mission.

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