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We are a nonpartisan network of educators dedicated to advancing pro-human values of fairness, understanding, and shared humanity in the field of K-12 and higher education.

Our Purpose

  • To create and promote FAIR’s pro-human educational programs and resources in schools and communities
  • To enhance collaboration, trust, and understanding while building partnerships within school communities
  • To support civil discourse and an atmosphere where diverse perspectives are respected

Teachers often feel isolated and alone in their schools, but FAIR is here for you. We hold weekly informal “happy hours” to share experiences and concerns and to work on developing resources for use with students, administrators, and parents. A few participants use pseudonyms to protect their identity, and that is fine with us.


All educators from K-12 and higher education— teachers, administrators, counselors, board members, staff, professors, etc. —  are welcome to come listen, share, support and learn from other educators.


Administrators, we are planning a separate Administrators Alliance. Stay tuned!


For more information, contact [email protected]. For Canadian educators, contact [email protected].

FAIR Schools provide an inclusive learning environment that recognizes both our unique identities and common humanity. FAIR Schools encourage curiosity and critical inquiry, welcome a diversity of opinions and perspectives, and teach students to engage in civil discourse as a constructive means toward a better and more unified future.


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Are you a student who wants to explore and understand difficult issues from different perspectives but fear the consequences of suggesting different points of view? Are you a teacher who wants to encourage your students to understand the nuance and complexity of difficult issues? The primary focus of FAIR High School Clubs is to understand other minds and other ways of thinking. Our program brings together diverse individuals in school to enrich our knowledge, to sharpen our analytical skills, and to deepen our understanding.


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FAIR Internship Program

The Foundation Against Racism & Intolerance (FAIR) hosts a full-time summer internship program for highly motivated and open-minded undergraduate students and recent graduates. Ideal candidates value curiosity, compassion, and courage, have excellent communication and leadership skills, and show a passion for FAIR’s pro-human values and vision. This internship provides students with real-world experience in a non-partisan, dynamic, and mission-driven organization, while also empowering students to develop resources and become ambassadors for FAIR’s mission.


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Examples of Moral Courage in Education

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FAIR promotes its pro-human mission in education.

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