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Butler High School cheerleaders sent a clear message to Charlotte Latin students when they wrote a condemning message on their team’s football banner. The impact of the school district’s antiracism curriculum seeping into Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools is evident by the intentional choice of words and colors.

Charlotte Mecklenburg School District (CMS) later issued an apology on behalf of Butler High School, calling the sign “insensitive” while ensuring that consequences will be brought to those responsible:

CMS is aware of an insensitive banner displayed by the Butler HS cheerleading squad prior to the school’s football game versus Charlotte Catholic last Friday. Squad members and adults responsible for oversight will face consequences as a result of that banner display. School and district officials will offer no specific information about this disciplinary matter. Principal Golden and Learning Community Superintendent Tangela Williams have spoken with leaders from Charlotte Catholic to offer verbal apologies. Butler High School cheerleaders have sent an apology letter to counterparts at Charlotte Catholic. Soon there will be a meeting between the schools’ cheerleading squads to facilitate goodwill and understanding.

Rather than focus on why these cheerleaders decided to use this message, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools instead responded with how they would remedy the issue with consequences.

Perhaps there is another view? Could it be that this incident is directly related to the Spring 2021 social justice curriculum given to high school students district-wide? The curriculum that spoke of white privilege specifically:

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district doesn’t seem to agree.

Here at FAIR, we believe in promoting common humanity amongst individuals by pointing out our similarities rather than our differences and we are pro-human. Our FAIRstory curriculum teaches children to counter racism and intolerance with humanity and compassion which empowers students to confront racism and bigotry.

If you’d like to learn more about the FAIRstory curriculum and how to integrate it into your school district, head over to FAIRstory or contact us!