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Here is the Video to MnEEP’s 06/30/2021 presentation to MAPS school board

Here is the Link to the KEYC, new article about MAPS Equity Framework

School Board Hears Equity Recommendations, Mankato Freepress

Here is the link to July 19th Meeting, where the school board approved the equity framework.

I (Elizabeth Hanke) was out of town on July 19th, but I watched this video many times, I tried calling every speaker. Some moved out of Mankato after the school boards vote, others contact information I could not find, some went back to their daily lives and others have become great friends. I cry every time I watch this video, seeing the brave residents so clearly voicing their opinions, in a respectful manner. You are the reason I am here today. – LOVE, Elizabeth Hanke

During your July 19th, 2021 school board meeting.  Superintendent Peterson stated, “This (Equity Framework) would essentially adjust the school district’s strategic road map.” Further professing, as written in our equity framework, “to work together equitably with families and communities.” But when drafting this equity framework, MAPS and MnEEP only asked for participation of 117 stakeholders. With 8400 students and just as many parents, approximately 17,000 people in your community could be labeled stakeholders and yet only 117 people were asked to participate in creating your equity framework.  A number that represents less than 1% of your population.   Superintendent Peterson, on July 19th mentioned, “Our community, all members of our community, need to have an opportunity to have a voice. . .we want to make sure we do not continue to fall into the pattern of making decisions around an administrative table. . .without being very intentional about engaging with the community. ”  Yet, the school board passed a framework with less than 1% of your community being heard and of that 1% they were selected for only for their appearance. European Immigrants, Foster Care Kids and so many others who also struggle in our schools were not invited to participate if they were, “white.” – Elizabeth Hanke

The examples given (highlighted) from the Pre-Assement Race equity review are not the Values that ended up in the Equity Framework. You will find MAPS equity values below and undefined. The school board said they would define these terms by Mid-November, a goal they did not reach, as they are still undefined. The school board passed, on administrations recommendations, values that were and still are (01/01/2022), undefined.

Here Were Maps old Core Values:

Integrity – Doing the “right thing” at all times with honesty and authenticity

Respect – Embracing of our differences, treating others as we wish to be treated

Excellence – High expectations for all and in all we do and the courage to challenge for it

Adaptability – Engaging in flexible, continuous and purposeful change grounded in data

Responsibility – Shared stewardship of and accountability for our words, acts, choices and results

Engagement – Actively participating with a mission-focus and values-driven attitude

Collaboration – Operating with a preference and capacity for partnership across our community

Evanston/Skokie School is also quoted in our equity Framework. This school is under expensive litigation for racial discrimination.

This is an action brought under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth
Amendment and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to prohibit Evanston/Skokie School
District 65 (“District 65”) from treating individuals differently because of their race.

Here is a You Tube video about the case.


Anti Racism as defined by Kendi.  As I said (Elizabeth Hanke), directly quoted from Kendi’s book, “To love capitalism is to end up loving racism,” page 163 “White bodies, White thoughts, White cultures, and White history were not labeled white.  They hid the whiteness of their space behind the veil of color blindness.” page 166 “White people became devils to me, but I had to figure out how they became devils.  I read “the Making of Devils,” a chapter in Elijah Muhannad’s Message to the Blackman in America, written in 1965.” Page 125.  Although I agree with almost all of Kendi’s foundational arguments about inequity and inequality within our government systems I STRONGLY disagree with how we combated these policies or what is causing these issues in the first place.  I could never send my kids to a school that quotes a man who thinks their parents are racist for running a business and participating in capitalism.  I am sure you can empathize with my position.

Mankato Area Public School Paid MnEEP $67,000, and they did not provide the school the raw data from the surveys. Which also means that of the 117 respondents, not all their opinions were included in the final document.

Also, reference links were provided that did not work.

There are over 600 students per grade in Mankato Area Public School. Assuming Many Junior, Seniors and Sophomores could take these classes, that would be 1800 students. To put the above numbers into perspective. Overall, we can say there is not enough interest in this courses, regardless of gender and ethnicity.