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Open Forum:

John Wicklund- Upset with social studies standards.

Jack Consodine- Likes the Affinity Groups and want to share his appreciation to the school board.

Lynn Butcher- Supports the school board, and has lived in the community for 23 years.  Thanks for the work you have done centering equity and making students active citizens with agency.

Clark Johnson- Also wants to say a word of thanks.  My experience with the district is that they do well.  Wants to see that Every child and I do mean Every child flourish.  Wants them to be caring and empathetic to others.  

April Johnson- Just wanted to say thanks.

Casey Swatz- Thank you for all you have done.  Her daughter has benefited from all the work in equity.  

MCA test score data:

Keep in Mind that MCA is done once in high school. It appears that 11th graders took the test:

Minnesota Report Card, Washington

Mankato West High School
Sherri Blasing, Principal
1351 S. Riverfront Drive
Mankato, Minnesota 56001
[email protected]

We try to be intentional in applying our students voices.  Her students say they are hearing racial slurs in the hallway so we have become engaged in active interruption. 

We are trying to reach out to students.  We have been intentional about counselors going into classrooms.  So our staff could make intentional connections. 

Standards based learning- consistent across all our courses.  What are the standards and what are the students being asked from course to course.  We are trying to get in alignment with our retake process.  We have a new standard process for retakes across all subjects.  We have been very intentional about our communications with families, so that way families know where children are at.  We also have our student support staff reaching out to students.

PBIS and SEL – They are teaching reteaching and modeling our expectations to our students.  

Restorative practices and restorative circles and restorative conversations happen when students come back after suspension to help restore any harm done.

We have someone coming in to help students with chemical health concerns.

We role play what you can do if you hear racial slurs in the hallway.  We also address islamophobia and the use of the R word (please let me know what the R word is?) 

In career pathways we have our departments tracking student paths.  

We have had students come back and talk about their experience and the path they take. 

The teacher cadet program is to help BiPOC students become teachers.  They have partnered with the MNSU program so students can start earning credits.

Q and A

Board Member Roberts loves that West is growing their own.  I have just one question about retake assessments?  

Blasing- You can make an appointment with your teacher so they can retake a test, and it is typically the portion of their test where they made the most mistakes.

Board member Ried- wants to thank west for the Cadet program. 

Washington Elementary School
Shane Baier, Principal
1100 Anderson Drive
Mankato, Minnesota 56001
[email protected]
[email protected]

Neighborhood school, we continue to be a pretty strong community we maintain 400 plus students.

Supporting SEL-We use restorative practices around our students.

We have a whole voice feedback loop.

Leadership Culture and Academics

Peace Makers are students that have been trained to help with the restorative practice and help students who are struggling.  We have them in classrooms and at special events.

My definition of equity is Love.  Building our tool box is on going.  

Our teachers are tired but we are relentless. 

Q and A

Board Member Roberts – I like that you are diggin at the data as far as equity and trying to do better.  I like how you incorporate student voices.  We shouldn’t forget that our littles have their own voice.  I like that some students take responsibility through small jobs.  It will give students pride in their building.

Board Member Hayes – We like to hear about restorative justice practice.  I appreciate that you are looking at the soil where the students survive.  We want more people to take pride in their work.   I like that you are aggregating the data and making decision off of that.  

Professional Development:

AVID and Career Pathways 

51.7% of students are taking PSEO, AP or articulated courses and project lead the way.  

61% of AVID students are enrolled in potentially credit bearing classes.

32.3% of students do pathways help with OSHA, CNA, or Welding certifications.

Student Success showcases our student in many career fields. 

*Articulated classes include Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Intro to Business, Web Page Design, Computer Skills and Applications, Child Development, Pro Start, Certified Nursing Assistant, Cabinetmaking, Construction, Manufacturing, Power Mechanics, Voc Auto and PLTW: IED, POE, EDD, DE, CIM, CEA.


For credits they earn in classes does that have a cost?

No cost to students?

Can you take College credits at East or west.

Yes, we have 49 AP classes that could be credit bearing

(I am adding that to get college credit for AP courses you do have to take an AP test and score high enough to earn credit, YOU DO NOT SIMPLY GET COLLEGE CREDIT FOR TAKING THE AP CLASS)

Board Member Reid is there a disparity in who takes college bearing classes or pathways?

For the Pathways it looks like the demographic break down is representative of our community.  I am not certain about the credit bearing classes.

Board Member Hayes- Wants to thank them for focusing on students that have been successful in their career paths.  I like that you did not just focus on 4 year careers but also technical and other career options.

Superintendent Peterson- There is great richness in what is happening at Washington and all the schools right now.  We want students graduating with a plan and also at the same time does not strap a kid down. We do not want them locked into a path. The purpose of schooling is preparing for careers.  But in today’s world our students are not just potential workers and we need to keep that in Mind. The purpose of k-12 is not only to create workers.

Coffee and conversations

Board Member Ratcliff- Excellent conversation with teachers over concerns and challenges teachers face.  The Teachers have a lot of challenges to face, they are really tired.  The feel their job has been thankless.  I am reminded how important a public school is on a community.  We need to recognize that we need to prioritize our schools.  I realize our challenges are not over and it was illuminating on the challenges we face.

Board Member Ried

Peterson- we can talk to teachers more through school assignments.  That might be a point where we can speak to teachers more.

Kind- finance committee report- we covered trust balance, enrollment and staffing.  The update is from 4th quarter last year and a lot has changed since then.  It is imperative that full time staff align with enrollment.  We will do review and approval of next years budget at our next meeting.

School Calendar

Travis Olsen instead of late starts we are going to do early release.  This sounded like a better option for teachers and students.  We are also moving this from Tuesdays till Wednesday.

Board Member Roberts- During early release days are the middle schoolers going to be able to hang out till practice? 

Olsen- Middle school activities will no longer be available on Wednesdays for middle school students but there will be ACES and other offerings for students that need after school care.  For students that play varsity sports with the high schoolers, there will still be an activity bus for them.

SIDE NOTE- This would be one Wednesday a month that junior high students would not be offered their regular sports schedule.

Approval of 2022 Roof Improvements Project – Franklin Elementary School Bid
On March 3, 2022, four bids were received for the Mankato Area Public Schools 2022Roof Repair and Maintenance Project – Franklin Elementary School.
Recommended Action:
The administrative team and Garland Roofing, our professional roofing designer, recommend that the base bid as submitted by Schwickerts in the amount of $1,094,655.00 be accepted by the School Board. LTFM revenue will be used to fund this project, and will be part of the FY23 budget.  A summary of the bids received is attached.
Approval of 2022-2023 Dental Program Rates
Mankato Area Public Schools recently received renewal information for the self-insured dental program administered by Delta Dental of Minnesota. Attached is a summary report detailing the current financial status of the self-insured dental program.  Below are the recommended monthly renewal rates as determined by Delta Dental and the District’s Employee Insurance Committee.  This represents approximately a 3% increase for the 2022-23 year.  

Single   $39.70
Family   $98.40

A voluntary dental program has been implemented to provide optional dental insurance benefits for employee groups that previously did not have access to group dental insurance plans.  There is no employer contribution to the plan.  The Voluntary Plan is a fully insured plan with rates remaining at current levels, due to a rate guarantee through 6/30/23.

Single         $34.32
Single + 1   $70.42
Family         $113.20 
Recommended Action:
The District’s Employee Insurance Committee and the administration recommend continuation of the described dental plans at the proposed rates.
Approval of 2022-2023 Employee Health Insurance Renewal Rates
Mankato Area Public Schools recently received notice from the South Central Service Cooperative that there will be a rate increase of 5% to the District’s employee health insurance plans for the 2022-2023 school year and will be transitioning to Medica. The monthly rates will be as follows:

 PLAN SINGLEFAMILYBasic    + $1078.88 $2906.93Double Gold $1208.55 $3199.88$750 CMM $867.83  $2289.00$3250 CDHP $733.95 $1938.83$6350 CDHP $583.80 $1542.45
Recommended Action:
The administration and the employee insurance committee consisting of representation from all employee groups recommend acceptance of the overall 5% rate increase for the 2022-2023 health insurance plans with the transition to Medica. This also includes a rate cap guarantee not to exceed 7.5% for plan year 2023-24.  From 2021-22 through 2023-24, the District will experience an average annual increase of 1.83 percent on its health insurance.  This is significantly below industry trends.