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Hoover Elementary School
Ms. Mollie Meyer, Principal
1524 Hoover Drive
North Mankato, Minnesota 56003
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Inclusive is our word this year. We want all our students to feel welcome when they walk through our doors.

We want to be responsive to our data. We try to make sure we are making data driven decisions.

We use Eureka math to help reinforce some of those math skills.

Our average daily attendance is going up, we do have more kids attending more regularly.

We have had great growth in reading support

We look at Removing Barriers

NWEA assessments are happening this week. That way we have some time to work on and grow are skills based on needs.

We teach skills for co regulations to help with self regulation

Our equity team uses walk through tools and rubrics

We did restructuring of our committees and we now have action teams: We have an Equity team and a community engagement team.

Students help the janitor clean up after the day

They were excited to raise money for a Ninja warrior course after their other course was destroyed.

Board Member Kind asked about ground underneath th course- There will be a lot of mulch underneath this outdoor ninja structure and drainage

Board Member Sapp asked about options- The kids got to work together to choose between different options. The Structure will be built July 1st.

Sapp congratulated the PTA

Jefferson Elementary School
Melissa Brueske, Principal
100 James Avenue
Mankato, Minnesota 56001
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The schools proficiency is about that of the District.

The School has a High Functioning teams that looks at data. They look at gaps in student groups

They have interventionist that help students. The have a menu of resources for additional support

We are proud of our collaborative work and excellent data.

We have a building equity plan to help with our school wide equity experience.

We have a PD plan to help build our knowledge of our equity needs. Every month we gather with our teachers to see what additional curriculum they need for equity.

We use our walkthrough rubric and walkthrough our entire building. We gave staff feedback on what they are doing well, which is our peer to peer learning. We plan to keep improving through listening to our students.

Our K-2 did a paper survey about how they feel about our equity plan is reflected for them. Our family news letter called the SMORE contained a link where parents could take a survey to gather feedback about how our equity work impacts them.

We will do a staff survey at the end of the year to see how Equity has impacted our staff.

We have 4 penpals that write to our students and 9 mentors that come in to visit the kids from the YMCA mentor program. We also have a social worker that works on group support. We also have positive behavior rewards.

We have a monthly lunch bunch that is an organic group that meets to impower action amongst their peers.

Picture is of our new equipment that was paid for by our PTO.


Board Member Shuck – Asked about the Lunch Bunch and commended the community for engaging in mentorship with this school.

Peterson- I appreciate being able to talk to students about their experience. This group has a million ideas and it takes special leadership to work through all their ideas. We want everyone to feel as if this is their school. He also congratulated Melissa on being a successful Interim Principal.

Covid numbers are decreasing.


Board Member Sapp. On March 1st there was a board member workshop committee report. We discussed equity issues. We had wonderful conversations.

Board Member Shuck- Coffee and conversation will be at East High school commons area March 12th.

Board Member Kind said he went to the last Coffee and Conversation and said he was really happy we are doing this for our community.

Achievement and Integration Plan

From the Districts Website, Link above:

Mankato Area Public Schools is eligible to participate in the Achievement and Integration for Minnesota program established to close Minnesota’s academic achievement and opportunity gap. The District Achievement and Integration Plan for 2019-2022 has been reviewed and approved by the Minnesota Department of Education. Purpose
The purpose of this program is to pursue racial and economic integration, increase student achievement, and reduce academic disparities in Minnesota’s public schools. Goals

  1. Increase the percentage of students of color and those who qualify for Free and Reduced Priced Lunch (FRPL) enrolled in a Parent Aware certified program
  2. Increase the percent of All students that meet or exceed on the 3rd-grade Reading MCA (MN Comprehensive Assessment) 
  3. Increase the percent of ALL students in each student group that participate in a teacher career pathway in grade 8 
  4. Increase the percent of students of color and FRPL enrolled in integration career pathway activities


  • Scholarships and transportation for Parent Aware Early Learning environments.
  • School/Community Liaisons to facilitate communication, build trust, and assist with building-wide initiatives to support students, teachers, and families.
  • Equity-trained Mentor Coaches at schools (PreK-5th grade) to support teachers with culturally-relevant best practices.
  • Professional development partnership with Minnesota State University, Mankato, New Teacher Center to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Develop and train Parent Ambassadors as partners with the district on student and family engagement efforts.
  • Launch 8th-grade education pathway
  • Transportation for multidistrict integration college and career pathway activities.
  • Students from MAPS, St. Peter, and JWP high schools will engage in a multidistrict integration collaborative with learning activities focused on relationship-building, equity, leadership, and elevating student voice. 
  • Students from MAPS and partnering districts will engage in StoryArk’s Youth Creative Arts Initiative to produce podcasts, short films, and creative writing content that is reflective of their interests and life experiences.  

#2 of MAPS Goals are targeting a couple race groups because these are the only two groups where we see the MCA test gaps.

MSU also has a community engagement night to discuss PSEO and other opportunities with these students.


Story Arc and Individual career Exploration Opportunity


Board Member Kind- How many years have we used this program? We have completed our third year and this is a Grant program so we access the money through a Grant.

Peterson- in order to qualify for this grant we had a full year of planning and gathering data to apply for the grant.

Lutsig- This grant does not include IEP or special education funding. There are other funding streams for this.

We are meeting our goal currently for pre school funding and access. We are also meeting goals in career pathways.

Chairperson Sapp- Was there other district we were working with?

Peterson- Yes there were. The cost benefit ratio for some schools is not worth it. Schools have to put work and money into putting together an A and I plan and some districts did not get as much money from their Grants.

Approval of Achievement and Integration Plan 2022-25
The purpose of the Achievement and Integration (A&I) for Minnesota program is to “pursue racial and economic integration, increase student achievement, create equitable educational opportunities, and reduce academic disparities based on students’ diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds in Minnesota public schools.”

Mankato Area Public Schools is eligible to receive A&I funding from the Minnesota Department of Education as a racially isolated school district where the enrollment of our protected-class students district wide is more than 20 percent, compared to the number of protected-class students in one of our neighboring adjoining districts.

A new 3-year plan is required by MDE to be approved by the Board for Mankato Area Public Schools to receive A&I funding in the 2022-23, 2023-24, and 2024-25 school years.   
Recommended Action:
Administration recommends approval of the Achievement and Integration Plan 2022-25.
Attachments: A & I Information
A&I Plan 2022-2025