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Mankato School Board Meeting – School Committee assignments

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Open Forum:

Linda Howe Wensel – MTA has a negotiated contract for teachers pay. There is currently nothing in the teacher contracts about pay for BiPOC teachers. The current state statute 122a.70 is for the teacher mentorship program, the first part of the program, part A is for all teachers in need of the program, this is the current MAPS process and MTA is in favor of mentorship programs for ALL new teachers. Part B is the use of state grant funding, the MTA is in favor of ALL new teachers receiving mentoring. Linda went on to speak in more detail but was cut off by the three minute mark and since she is the MTA president I do not want to miss quote or represent her so I have emailed her to ask for the rest of her speech. I do not often name open forum presenters but just sum up concerns, but since Ms Wensel is both a teacher and MTA president I think what she says has more weight.

Other presenters addressed concerns with equity policies, state statute 122A.70, the amount of negative coverage the school has got in national news articles. Concerns with changes in Equity and Covid policies over the holidays when people want to spend time with their families and do not have time to keep up with policy changes. There was also mention of Vaccine concerns, but not necessarily addressing any MAPS policies.

Chair person- Ms. Schuck nominates Ms. Sapp.

Jodi Sapp is nominated and declares herself elected by acclimation.

Vice Chair- Ms. Ratcliff Nominates Mr. Reid

Mr. Reid is nominated Vice Chair and declares herself elected by acclimation

Clerk- Ms. Schuck nominated Ms. Roberts for office of Clerk

Ms. Roberts is nominated for office of Clerk and declares herself elected by acclimation

Treasurer- Ms. Robert nominates Mr. Kind

Mr. Kind is nominated for Treasurer and declares herself elected by acclimation

Deputy Clerk- Ms Bailey is nominated and elected as deputy Clerk

The Law firms listed are law firms used in the past and Mr. Sager suggest they use the same attorney’s when needed.

Mention of the TBD will be for the newly appointed School Board Members. Most members are being assigned to committees they have been serving on for regularity.

Ms. Roberts brought up the student safety advisory council.

Mr Peterson – Mr Harr (sp?) could not be with us tonight, but this is a committee that he helps lead and would have to get back to the board.

Mr. Peterson- Spoke about open board seat. Applications were accepted till January 7th, they had four applications at the time of their meeting but others may have applied by the time the application period closed. There will be a special work session for the school board members so they can have a dialogue about the applications. They will need a majority approval, so at least 4 out of the 6 school board members.

Mr. Reid asked about getting the application.

Superintendent Peterson said they had to pick up applications but they could either physically hand in their applications or email a scanned copy.

Ms Sapp wanted to know more about the work session.

Superintendent Peterson – Ms. Sapp will be chairing the discussion. There are no reviews, but the members will be making nomination. Discussion about the profile of person you want seated on the board.

Ms Schuck- wanted to confirm this would be a one year appointment and then this individual would need to run for a longer term.

Superintendent Peterson – Yes, if they were interested in an additional four year term they would need to file in that July time frame to run for the open school board position.