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We are Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District Parent and Concerned Community Member group, and we support the FAIR mission.


Our statement of belief:


1. We stand for a quality education for all students that is rooted in proven methods and not in activism.
2. We believe all students are capable of receiving a quality education that teaches them critical thinking skills to help them be successful in continued education, in future occupations, and in life generally.


3. We believe children need to learn a balanced view of history, where they can understand events and figures in context.


4. We are pro-human and support the anti-racism efforts of Martin Luther King Jr., where students are judged by the content of their character and not by their immutable characteristics.


5. We believe that modern anti-racism efforts which are rooted in Critical Theory and Intersectionality, though well-intended, will cause more harm than good as standards in education are lowered to achieve equity and students are separated and labeled according to their immutable characteristics.


6. We believe that the tenets of modern anti-racism form a neo-racist “woke” ideology that is tantamount to a religion. As a public school district, we believe the continued embrace of this ideology leads to a violation of our first amendment rights as parents to teach our children religious beliefs.

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Recent News

2021-09-13: MCPASD School District School Board Meeting 

In response to the MCPASD school district implementing CRT praxis through ICS Equity and a recent CRT-based mandatory grade 9 history / ethnic study course. We read the following two letters:

MCPASD, ICS Equity, and CRT Social Studies Letter with an Introduction