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    The FAIR Austin Legal Liaison Team consists of volunteers who are members of the State Bar of Texas. They help educate FAIR Austin members and volunteers regarding the current state of Texas law and US Civil Rights law related to FAIR’s Mission. This includes laws related to the workplace and classroom. However, FAIR Austin’s Legal Liaisons are NOT ACTING AS YOUR LAWYER. Nothing a Legal Liaison does shall or is intended to create a lawyer-client relationship between the Legal Liaison and FAIR Austin’s members, volunteers, or the public at large. This service is for educational purposes only.

    Please note that corresponding or communicating in any way or to any extent with FAIR or FAIR Austin does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Although FAIR has some attorneys on its staff and on its Board of Advisors, FAIR does not provide legal advice or representation. In appropriate circumstances, FAIR may provide individuals with the names of one or more attorneys or law firms participating in the FAIR Legal Network; however, those attorneys and law firms are not employed by FAIR. The decision to enter into an attorney-client relationship is strictly between the individual seeking assistance and the attorney or law firm. FAIR cannot guarantee that any attorney participating in the FAIR Legal Network will agree to take a particular case and FAIR makes no warranties regarding the quality or effectiveness of the legal advice or representation that may be provided by any attorney or law firm participating in the FAIR Legal Network.

    Use of, and access to, this educational service does not create an attorney-client relationship between the reader, user, or browser and FAIR, FAIR Austin or FAIR’s employees or attorneys, the website authors, or contributors.

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