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How To Transcend Division with Johnny and Suziann Davis

In this short film, How To Transcend Division, Johnny & Suziann Davis show us how through grace, kindness, and love we can overcome the ways much of society seeks to divide us, instead recognizing our common humanity.


Johnny Davis is an international and constitutional Law Attorney and Liberty University Professor. He worked as a civil rights attorney in Alabama, pushing back against racism within the state government.


Suziann Davis (née Reid) is is an American-Jamaican former track and field sprinter who specialized in the 400-meter dash, representing the United States in competitions across the world.


Johnny and Suziann advocate for people to recognize the common humanity of everyone in each of their own lives. By healing the culture in our own parts of the world, together, we can heal the whole world.


Directed by Kendall Johnson.

Produced by Joseph (Jake) Klein.


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