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The St. Louis Missouri Chapter of FAIR launched in June of 2021. We participate in community forums; we do outreach, advocacy, and educational campaigns; and we hold in-person meetups.

  • Missouri Residents:  Sign up for our online advocacy program to receive advocacy action notifications via email and text.  We also use this system to inform subscribers about meetings and forums.   
  • Public School Advocacy:  We will email you with the ability to advocate  against Critical Pedagogy and for equality. Our system sends email messages that gives you the option to then send a one-click pre-written advocacy email message to all seven of your school board members at once.
  • Legislative Advocacy:  We will also update you about about legislative efforts in Jefferson City and give you the option to advocate for parental rights and opposition to the imposition of Critical Theory in public education. Bills will be entered next winter. By signing up you will have the same one-click option of sending email messages to your state legislators.

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The Opt Out documents can be accessed from these Links.  Please review both the Opt Out and the FAIR Legal Disclaimer.

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