Sodexo Training Event

Request Video from the June 28, 2021 FAIR Keynote

Sodexo North America Senior Leadership attended a FAIR Keynote interview with Daryl Davis and Bari Weiss. The event was hosted by Global Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Mia Mends, and introduced by Chair of Sodexo North America, Sarosh Mistry.


The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR) is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing civil rights and liberties for all Americans, and promoting a common culture based on fairness, understanding and humanity.

Daryl Davis has received acclaim for his book, Klan-Destine Relationships and his documentary Accidental Courtesy from many sources including CNN, NBC, Good Morning America, TLC, NPR, The Washington Post, and many others. He is also the recipient of numerous awards including the Elliott-Black Award, the MLK Award and the Bridge Builder Award among many others. Filled with exciting encounters and sometimes amusing anecdotes, Daryl’s impassioned lectures leave an audience feeling empowered to confront their own prejudices and overcome their fears.

Bari Weiss is a journalist and the author of “How to Fight Anti-Semitism,” which won a 2019 National Jewish Book Award. From 2017 to 2020 Weiss was an opinion writer and editor at The New York Times. Before that, she was an op-ed and book review editor at The Wall Street Journal and a senior editor at Tablet Magazine. Bari is 2020 winner of the inaugural Per Ahlmark award “in recognition of her moral courage and eloquence in defending the principles of democracy.” She also the winner of the Reason Foundation’s 2018 Bastiat Prize, which honors writing that “best demonstrates the importance of freedom with originality, wit, and eloquence.”

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