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Many Boston students dream of going to one of the city’s top-rated public “exam” schools. Before 2021, admission was based on entrance exam scores and GPA. For many underprivileged hardworking students — many of them children of immigrants — the exam schools and their race-blind admissions standards were their best chance at receiving an excellent education.


This year, the Boston school district changed the admissions policy. It abolished the entrance exam and implemented a new plan that admitted students based on zip codes that were closely tied to race. Despite that, the district claimed the plan was “racially neutral” and was not motivated by racial animus. They did not expect the truth to emerge.


After the plan was implemented, an insider leaked to the Boston Globe that two voting board members had exchanged texts during the hearing on the plan, saying they are “sick of Westie whites” and “hate West Roxbury” (a historically Irish neighborhood), and referring to some of the objecting parents as “white racists.” The district had not disclosed those texts and in fact, had excised those portions when it responded to the parents’ public records requests. Another voting board member was caught on hot mic mocking the names of Asian parents who opposed the plan.


A group of parents is now moving forward with their lawsuit to revert to a race-neutral admissions policy. Please support them and their children as they seek fairness and justice.

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