Yiatin Chu is an advocate for educational reform, school choice and merit-based admissions. She is based in New York City and is the president of the Asian Wave Alliance and cofounder of Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education (PLACE NYC). Her work with PLACE NYC focuses on demanding rigorous academics and expanding accelerated programs in New York Public Schools. As President of the Asian Wave Alliance, a nonpartisan political club, Yiatin also advocates for improving quality of life for the Asian-American community in New York City. She works to make the city safer for residents, advocates for greater educational opportunities for immigrants, fair policies for small businesses and homeowners, and to provide support services for the elderly.

“As immigrants, my parents believed that America would be good to us. I hold that optimism when advocating for equal opportunities in education. Ready to pay it forward.”

Yiatin Chu
Education Advocate​