Samantha Harris is an attorney with over fifteen years of experience working to protect free speech and the rights of students and educators. She is currently a partner at Allen Harris PLLC, a law firm that was founded to address threats to freedom of speech, academic freedom, freedom of conscience, and due process rights. The firm represents students and faculty members in campus tribunals and in courts of law. Prior to entering private practice, Samantha worked on free speech and due process issues at the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE). In 2020, she testified before the House Education and Labor Committee’s Civil Rights and Human Services subcommittee in a hearing titled “On the Basis of Sex: Examining the Administration’s Attacks on Gender-Based Protections.”

“[W]e must resist the temptation to fight back with the traditional tools of our ideological opponents — censorship and repression — and instead stay true to the freedoms we are fighting for.”

Samantha Harris