Maud Maron is an attorney with over two decades of experience as a public defender. She was a Clinical Professor of Law at Cardozo Law School where she taught the Criminal Defense Clinic and also served as the Director of Training at the Legal Aid Society.

After being elected School Board President of Manhattan’s largest school district, Maud co-founded an education organization, PLACE NYC, to advocate for merit-based admissions and high-quality curricula in NYC public schools.

Her written work has appeared in Newsweek, NY Daily News, NYPost, and Common Sense Bari Weiss Substack, among others. And she has appeared on local and national news programs including Inside City Hall, Tucker Carlson, America Reports, Megyn Kelly.

“I am very open about what I stand for. I am pro-integration. I am pro-diversity. And also I reject the narrative that white parents are to blame for the failures of our school system. I believe that racial essentialism is racist and should not be taught in school.”

Maud Maron
Public Defender