FAIR Schools Application

Become a FAIR School

To become a FAIR School, schools must commit to the FAIR Pledge. A FAIR School will implement training, standards, and curricula that uphold FAIR’s pro-human values and will commit to treating students, teachers and staff with fairness and understanding regardless of their immutable traits or circumstances of their birth. All schools — private, public, charter, religious, secular — are encouraged to apply.

Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by FAIR’s own FAIR Schools team, and they may get in touch with you to learn more, or have the school sign a commitment form and the FAIR pledge.

Basic information:

    Grades served

    Total enrollment

    Application Questionnaire

    Do you have regularly scheduled staff meetings at which FAIR can train your staff and/or where you can provide training for your staff in the FAIR standards and lesson plans?

    Will you offer the standards as a standalone class or incorporate into a Civics or Social Studies curriculum?
    Standalone classIncorporated

    What type of school is your school?