FAIR Research Conflict of Interest Project

Dear chapter leaders and supporters,

FAIR is asking for your help in our investigation into potential conflicts of interest between public schools and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) organizations, as well as into any other improper or incomplete processes used by schools to procure such services. We have received numerous concerning reports about school districts hiring DEI organizations under problematic and potentially unlawful circumstances.

The following are a few examples of situations that would be of interest to us:

  • A school district hires a DEI organization that employs a relative of a school board member
  • A school district hires a DEI organization that previously employed one or more members of the school board, or that currently employs former school board members
  • A school district hires a DEI organization that has financial ties to one or more school board members
  • A DEI organization is hired by a school district with grant funding from a charitable foundation that has close ties to both the DEI organization and members of the school board
  • A DEI organization is hired abruptly without the chance for other organizations to submit contract bids or for members of the community to suggest alternatives
  • A DEI organization is hired with seemingly little opportunity for review or input from all board members or other interested stakeholders

If you are aware of a situation that may constitute a conflict of interest, including but not limited to the situations listed above, please fill out this form.


Please see here for helpful Tips and Relevant Resources.

We greatly appreciate your assistance on this project, and we thank all of you for your continued support of FAIR and the pro-human movement.