FAIR Challenges Kendi on ABC News Program

October 28th, 2021


Bartning and Kendi Appear on ABC News' Tamron Hall

Last month FAIR Founder Bion Bartning appeared on Tamron Hall alongside Ibram X. Kendi to discuss his views regarding “anti-racist” curriculum in schools. Kendi is a bestselling author known for promoting the controversial idea that all group-level disparities are caused by racism, and that the government should discriminate against individuals in order to achieve equal outcomes by “race” group.

Bartning explained that, while he believes Kendi may be well-intentioned, schools need to acknowledge there is more than one way to be “anti-racist” and Kendi’s race essentialist belief system will only serve to make people more racist, not less racist: “If we try to encourage children to embrace these socially-constructed racial identities, which I view as just crude stereotypes, then I think we are just going to create more racism.”

Watch clips of the interview here.


Vermont Issues Race-Based Vaccination Policy

Recently, the Vermont Department of Health announced on its website that it is prioritizing COVID-19 booster shots based on skin color. People who identify as “white” and are younger than 65 with no high-risk conditions are placed at the back of the line.

Shortly after FAIR was notified of this prioritization, the Department of Health removed that language from its vaccination webpage and buried it deeper within the site. Now, users who create an account and “identifies (or lives with someone that identifies) as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color (BIPOC)” are notified that they will receive “priority” for a COVID-19 booster shot. People who identify as “white,” however, are not notified that they have been deprioritized.

We have written to Vermont’s Commissioner of Health, urging him to retract these racial preferences that violate the Fourteenth Amendment.


Read FAIR's letter to Vermont's Commissioner of Health here.


New Videos

FAIR Transparency Tutorial

FAIR Transparency is our nonpartisan “Glassdoor” for civil liberties and tolerance. By learning about how people are experiencing diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and programs, this project aims to move our institutions forward toward the pro-human vision of Dr. Martin Luther King. 

This video helps guide users through the process of submitting reviews and reports for schools, corporations, government agencies, non-profits, etc., who may be implementing divisive and discriminatory DEI programs.


Watch the video here.


Meet the FAIR Team

We would like our readers to meet some of the amazing people who are powering FAIR's pro-human movement! So please enjoy this short video highlighting several of our dedicated staff and the reasons they’re excited to be a part of the FAIR team.


Watch the video here.


Omni-American Event Follow-Up

The videos from last week’s “Shaping an Omni-American Future” event hosted by the American Sephardi Federation, the Jazz Leadership Project, and the Combat Antisemitism Movement, and sponsored in part by FAIR, are now available on YouTube. 

The event featured FAIR Advisor Thomas Chatterton-Williams and other prominent thought leaders discussing how to counter racism and antisemitism.


Watch Day 1 here.

Watch Day 2 here.


FAIR Spotlight

FAIR Spotlight is where we share the reasons our members give for supporting FAIR’s pro-human mission. If you would like to share your reasons for supporting FAIR, please do so by emailing [email protected].


Upcoming Events

NEW: Are We Free to Disagree?

On Tuesday, November 2nd, at 7:00pm, FAIR Advisor Inaya Folarin Iman will be hosting an online event titled “Are We Free to Disagree? How to Debate in an Age of Conformity,” addressing the question: to what extent is free speech a problem on campus, and, to the extent that it is, what can we do to protect it?

Iman will be joined by a diverse panel of thinkers to “discuss how best to create a climate wherein we can rediscover the ability to disagree and argue on campus, in the hope that we can reinvigorate the spirit of debate, criticism, and open enquiry.”


Learn more about the event including how to register here.


FAIR Educator Alliance

Teachers often feel isolated and alone in their schools, but FAIR is here for you! We will be holding weekly informal “happy hours” to share experiences and concerns and work on developing resources just for teachers. We’ll also be holding more formal monthly meetings to address issues based on your needs and interests.


For more information, contact [email protected]


Grassroots Training Workshops

Are you ready to be an effective advocate for pro-human values in your community? You know in your heart of hearts our common culture of fairness, understanding, and humanity requires you to be civically engaged and actively organizing and advocating in your community.

But how do you get started?

We’ve got you covered with the FAIR Grassroots Leader Training series.

Register now for the next 3-session series to learn practical tools for organizing your community, how to be a more effective advocate, and ways to create positive, bottom-up change in our culture and country. The 3 sessions include:

Grassroots Leader Session 1 | Bottom-Up Organizing

Grassroots Leader Session 2 | Finding Your Place At FAIR

Grassroots Leader Session 1 | Organizing Your Organizing


Register now for the next Grassroots Leader Training series.


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