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August 18th, 2021


Introducing The FAIR Community Forum

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Community Forum for FAIR members!  

The new platform will empower our community to connect with FAIR chapters, join FAIR networks, find FAIR support resources, discuss current events, send direct messages to other members of the community, and much more! 

The forum includes discussion threads relating to specific topics such as Psychology, Arts, and Medicine. You can join conversations with FAIR members in your area, in your field, or in your academic discipline. 

The platform also provides a link to Member Resources, an Advocacy Toolkit, a guide to Member Training Workshops, and access to Welcome to FAIR sessions.

Sign up to join the conversations here.


FAIR Advisors Urge Alternative to Race Essentialism

FAIR Advisors GlennLoury, Wilfred Reilly, John McWhorter, Jason Hill, Ian Rowe, and many others signed an open letter to the National School Boards Association & Local School Boards. The letter came from 1776 Unites, an initiative spearheaded by civil rights icon Bob Woodson, and expressed signatories’ concerns over the spectacle of neo-racism in education and urged for alternative pro-human approaches to education.

“Given these urgent crises, the undersigned submit this letter in the spirit of offering a resource and hopeful path forward for educating our children. We represent a nonpartisan and intellectually diverse black-led alliance of writers, educators, thinkers, and activists focused on solutions to our country’s greatest challenges in education, culture, race relations, and upward mobility.”


Read the full letter here.


Other News

For Persuasion, Sally Satel covered how mental health professionals are increasingly being trained to replace “evidence-driven therapeutics” with practices motivated by a specific political ideology.

“Trainees are being taught to see patients not as individuals with unique needs, but as avatars of their gender, race, and ethnic groups. Accordingly, more and more counselors encourage their patients to understand their problems as a consequence of an oppressive society. White patients, for instance, are told that their distress stems from their subjugation of others, while black and minority patients are told that their problems stem from being oppressed.”


Read the full article here


For Fast Company, Connie Lin shared the results of a recent study from Yale which suggested that social media feedback mechanisms may be encouraging users to express “moral outrage.” The study found that users who received more “likes” and “retweets” on their posts expressing outrage were more likely to post the same type of content in the future.

 “‘People with politically moderate friends and followers are more sensitive to social feedback that reinforces their outrage expressions,’ Molly Crockett, a Yale associate professor, said in a statement. ‘This suggests a mechanism for how moderate groups can become politically radicalized over time . . . [through] feedback loops that exacerbate outrage.’”


Read the full article here.


For RealClearInvestigations, John Murawski detailed how the advancement of “race equity,” and the suppression of dissent surrounding the issue, is having a chilling effect on American medical professionals. 

“Such incidents are noteworthy because of their eerily scripted language of moral outrage and public denunciation, coming from the nation’s highest levels of professional achievement, often on internal issues that would typically be handled with sensitivity and discretion.”


Read the full article here

For The Wenatchee World, Rufus Woods reported on the value of hearing diverse political perspectives. Woods cites Braver Angels as one example of an organization that is providing a platform for cross-partisan discussions and respectful disagreements.

 “As consumers, we have a choice of either remaining in our bubbles and hearing our own views reverberating in the echo chamber or we can take affirmative steps to broaden our sources of information and seek out thoughtful perspectives on both sides of issues.”


Read the full article here.


Heterodox Academy released a new video championing the importance of free expression on college and university campuses. 

“The questioning of ideas is necessary for the project of truth seeking. Even when the ideas being questioned are our deepest, most cherished, even identity forming ideas and beliefs.”


Watch the full video here.


FAIR Advisor John McWhorter has joined The New York Times for a subscription-only column, twice weekly. This week he began with an essay detailing the linguistic journey of the term “woke.”

“For this first edition, I have chosen a subject that brings together the two things I get to write about most: language and race. Namely, just what has happened to ‘woke’ lately?”


Read the full article here.


On this week’s episode of The Glenn Show, FAIR Advisors Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discuss the difference between “systemic racism” and “racial inequities,” the proposition that modern colleges and universities are “racist spaces,” their experiences being “black” in academia, and much more.

“Systemic racism becomes a kind of rhetorical weapon to try to get the moral high-ground in a debate about racial disparities.”


Watch the discussion here.


For her Substack Common Sense With Bari Weiss, FAIR Advisor Bari Weiss showcased seven different thinkers' perspectives regarding the situation unfolding in Afghanistan.

“​​I asked some of the most thoughtful people I could think of to answer the question: What are we to make of what just happened? What is the meaning of it for Afghanistan, for America and for the world? Some served in Afghanistan. Others made policy decisions that shaped the war. Still others have been bearing witness to it — and helping the rest of us make sense of it — for two decades.”


Read the full article here.


FAIR Advisor Kmele Foster joined hosts Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay of The Ringer podcast to explain “what he’s learned a year later through his reporting on Amy Cooper and the Central Park bird-watching incident.” They also discuss Kmele’s views on “race," and why he does not identify as “black." 

Interviewer: “Are you Black?”

Kmele: “No, and neither are you...”

Interviewer: “What are you?!”

Kmele: “I'm a human being.”


Watch the full conversation here.


Upcoming Event

On September 11th from 1:00 - 4:00 pm EDT, join FAIR Advisor Erec Smith and other notable speakers as they discuss Growing Diversity of Thought in K-12 Education: Current Challenges and the Path Forward.


Learn more and register here.


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