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July 21st, 2021


U.S. Dept. of Education Rescinds Grant Priorities

On May 12th, we issued a call to action regarding grant priorities proposed by the U.S. Department of Education that would have funneled federal grant money to school programs that teach concepts rooted in race-essentialism. If adopted, these priorities would have funded programs for K-12 students.

The DOE’s priorities would have incentivized public schools to teach our children to focus primarily on their skin color and ethnicity and to view American history solely through a lens of oppression.

We called on our supporters to issue statements of concern, and as a result, 33,967 comments on the proposed grants were submitted to the Department of Education.

Last week, Education Secretary, Miguel Cardona, changed course and withdrew the requirement that grantees incorporate curriculum and instruction based on or similar to the 1619 Project or the works of Ibram X. Kendi.


Biden White House Makes Moves Towards Censorship

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that the White House is collaborating with social media companies to flag “disinformation.”

As private entities, social media companies have the ability to censor content on their own. However, as journalist Glenn Greenwald noted, “the Supreme Court has ruled that the First Amendment's free speech guarantee is violated when government officials pressure or coerce private actors to censor for them. That is exactly what [the White House] is doing with Facebook.”

After the White House announced plans to “review” Section 230, which protects social media companies from culpability regarding content on their platforms, The ACLU issued a statement in opposition to the White House's actions.

“The president should know that it's not Section 230 that protects social media companies from liability for false information. It's the First Amendment. The Constitution protects people — and social media companies — from government censorship campaigns.”

From WMDs in Iraq to claims that the NSA was not illegally surveilling American citizens, it is essential to note that some of the most detrimental “disinformation” in history has been put forward by none other than the executive branch.

FAIR stands for unfettered free speech, as guaranteed by the First Amendment.


Other News

For The Florida Times-Union, high school student Tommy Zhang penned an insightful and uplifting column detailing his opposition to race-essentialist practices in public schools and his support for a pro-human alternative.

“Like Martin Luther King Jr. and many other advocates from the past and present, I believe we should learn about history through the lens of human compassion and empathy, and fight against racism together using our shared human strength, rather than as members of different racial groups.”


Read the full article here.

For Forbes, Ilana Redstone wrote about the discourse surrounding Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools and the workplace and highlighted concerns often overlooked by legacy media.

“CRT’s critics are often portrayed as wanting to ‘whitewash’ history and deny the reality of slavery. If the problem were that simple, the criticisms would indeed be worthy of the dismissal they often receive. Yet, there are serious concerns about CRT that are rarely aired and that have nothing to do with these points. As a result, confusion and misinformation abound and tension continues to mount.” 


Read the full article here.


In recent months, the Fairfax County School Board has garnered national attention due to its implementation of neo-racist practices and the gutting of race-blind, merit-based admissions to Thomas Jefferson High School. 

At a gathering outside of a Fairfax County School Board meeting, Michelle Leete, the leader of Fairfax County NAACP and the now-former Vice President of Training at the Virginia PTA called for the death of those opposed to CRT in public schools, saying “let them die” during her speech. 

The Virginia PTA issued a request for Leete's resignation and received it. However, Leete is still serving as the Vice President of the Fairfax NAACP.

FAIR hopes that the Virginia PTA's swift action helps to encourage open and civil discourse on this important topic.


For Persuasion, Seth Moskowitz wrote an essay describing the importance of holding one's ground when faced with mob retaliation and public shamings.

“Mao and his fellow revolutionaries understood the power of mob humiliation and used it to terrorize the country into ideological conformity. I fear that this instinct—the reflex to use public humiliation as a tool to purge society of apostates and their ideas—has returned. This time, though, it’s in the United States.”


Read the full article here.


For Areo Magazine, Greg Lukianoff of The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) wrote an essay titled  “Answers to 12 Bad Anti-Free Speech Arguments.”

“Assertion: Free speech was created under the false notion that words and violence are distinct, but we now know that certain speech is more akin to violence. Answer: Speech equals violence isn’t a new idea. It’s a very old—and very bad—idea.”


Read the full article here.


For Harper's Magazine, FAIR Advisor Thomas Chatterton Williams wrote a brilliant column detailing the cultural exhaustion put forward by race-essentialist social justice advocates and their inability to note the critical progress made since the Civil Rights Movement.

“It is not only that we are stuck, fixated on all that has yet to be perfected. It is that there is a certain intellectual and moral prestige in wallowing in our dissatisfaction: one may be depleted and set upon from all angles, but at least one is not corrupt or stupid. In this view, the system does not and cannot pretend to function, even—perhaps especially—when it is slowly, unceremoniously working.”


Read the full article here.


FAIR Advisor John McWhorter joined Firing Line with Margaret Hoover to discuss his heterodox views and Critical Race Theory and neo-racism at length.

“The specific thing that we're talking about here is indeed an educational disaster. It verges on evil.”


Listen to the podcast here.


FAIR Advisor Abigail Shrier published an essay for FAIR Advisor Bari Weiss' Substack Common Sense With Bari Weiss. She details censorship campaigns against her book Irreversible Damage at the highest levels of institutions, ranging from the Halifax Public Library in Nova Scotia to the ACLU. 

“We tell ourselves that we are protecting our families by remaining quiet and in the short-term, and we may be. But we are also handing our children over to a culture in which freedom of conscience and expression are drowned out.”


Read the full article here.


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