Maud Maron v. The Legal Aid Society

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July 14th, 2021


Maud Maron Files Discrimination Lawsuit

FAIR Advisor Maud Maron, a former public defender and current candidate for New York City Council is standing up for civil rights and pro-human values. On July 12, 2021, she filed a lawsuit against her former employer and union, the Legal Aid Society and Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, after they retaliated against her with baseless claims that she’s a racist. When Maud wrote an op-ed disagreeing with Robin DiAngelo’s illiberal view that all white people are racist, her employer and union publicly attacked her in racially charged social media posts about her alleged “white superiority.” They went on to make unfounded allegations against her simply because she was, in their words, a “white practitioner,” and claimed that she participates in “white supremacy” and “oppresses” others. They then disregarded her exemplary record as a public defender by publicly claiming that they were “ashamed that she works at the Legal Aid Society'' and emphatically stating, “Enough is enough,” making it clear that she was no longer welcome at her job.

FAIR Advisor Bari Weiss broke the news on Maud's lawsuit in her Substack Common Sense With Bari Weiss. Read the full article here.


FAIR is backing this lawsuit and you can too, as it has the potential to establish favorable precedent and is squarely in line with our mission of advancing civil rights and liberties and a common culture of fairness, understanding and humanity. 

Read more about Maud's legal action and donate here.

Watch Maud's video testimony here.


Running 100 Miles for FAIR

On July 30, ultrarunner Kilian Korth will be running 100 miles and climbing 42,000 feet through the mountains of Ouray, Colorado to raise money for FAIR. As he came of age in college in the mid-2010s, Kilian was witness to the erosion of free speech rights at his university and became concerned about where our country was headed. Committed to working towards a world in which we live up to  Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of judging others “not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” Kilian hopes to raise money for FAIR in an effort to move our culture toward a place that more accurately reflects those values. Now living in Grand Junction, Colorado, Kilian hopes his fundraiser for FAIR will encourage others in his community to see value in the FAIR Principles of Peaceful Change and foster respect for our fellow humans.


Learn more about Killian’s fundraiser and donate here.


Other News

For the Wall Street Journal, William McGurn wrote an op-ed describing the efforts by the Fairfax County School Board and Virginia Parent Teacher Association to scrap merit-based, race-blind admissions to the nation's number one public high school and the ensuing lawsuit. McGurn highlights how such actions are meant to target successful Asian Americans in institutions across the country.

“Today’s targeting of successful Asian-American kids lacks the crudity of a Jim Crow lunch counter or a whites-only drinking fountain. But it is no less ugly—and no less racially discriminatory—for being more genteel.”


Read the full article here.


As the controversy over CRT in the classroom continues to heat up, many—including members of our Board of Advisors—have been split over whether anti-CRT legislation is effective. For his Substack, Richard Hanania wrote an essay detailing the fact that race-essentialist dogma is a cultural issue that cannot simply be undermined via legislation.

“A state can ban CRT, but if it does, kids are still being taught by the same people who thought CRT for kindergartners was a good idea in the first place.”


Read the full article here.


Many of the most egregious examples of neo-racism manifesting in K-12 education have unfolded at elite private schools. For the Tampa Bay Times, Divya Kumar covered the story of a family who donated $1.35 million dollars to the Academy of the Holy Names, a Catholic school in Tampa, and is now asking for their money back after learning that an intolerant orthodoxy has permeated the school’s classrooms. 

The common thread with many of these private schools is that they are members of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), which recently endorsed racial segregation of children as young as five via “affinity groups.”


Read the full article here.


For his Substack, Matt Taibbi wrote a review of Robin DiAngelo's new book, Nice Racism. Taibbi compares the race-essentialism of DiAngelo to that of the alt-right leader Richard Spencer.

“Short of something like selling anthrax spores or encouraging people to explore sexual feelings toward nine year-olds, is there a worse idea than suggesting — demanding — that people get in touch with their white identity?”


Read the full article here.


Yesterday, FAIR Advisor Kenny Xu released his book An Inconvenient Minority. Xu's book details the institutionalized mechanisms attacking “Asian American excellence” in the name of “equity.”

“Asian Americans’ time is now, as they increase their direct action and amplify their voices in the face of mounting anti-Asian attacks. An Inconvenient Minority chronicles the political and economic repression and renaissance of a long ignored racial identity group―and how they are central to reversing America’s cultural decline and preserving the dynamism of the free world.”


You can buy the book here.


For his Substack, The Weekly Dish FAIR Advisor Andrew Sullivan wrote a brilliant essay detailing how his beliefs have not changed, but rather the political spectrum itself has in the wake of illiberalism's spread throughout America.

“We can and must still fight and argue for what we believe in: a liberal democracy in a liberal society. This fight will not end if we just ignore it or allow ourselves to be intimidated by it, or join the tribal pile-ons.”


Read the full article here.


FAIR Advisor Erec Smith sat down with Megan Daum of The Unspeakable podcast to discuss the “moral panic” around neo-racism in schools and the workplace.


Listen to the podcast here.


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