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June 9th, 2021


One Couple Reminds Us Why We Celebrate Loving Day

Martin and Takyrica Kokoszka are a married couple, FAIR Chicago chapter leaders, teachers, and most importantly, concerned parents. After noticing an intolerant orthodoxy gripping their children's school district, the two began to speak up for pro-human values in education. 

The Kokoszkas will share their story as a part of our Loving Day celebration on June 12th.

FAIR Advisor Eli Steele produced a short film describing the Kokoszkas objection to race essentialism in their children's school.

Mr. Kokoszka pointedly asked, “Are my kids half-oppressor and half-oppressed?”


Watch the short film here.


Teacher Resigns From Dwight-Englewood

Yesterday, Dana Stangel-Plowe resigned from Dwight-Englewood school and joined the list of dedicated educators exposing neo-racism spreading through K-12 institutions under the guise of “anti-racism.”

“I care deeply about our students and our school, and so over the years, I have tried to introduce positive and constructive alternative views. My efforts have fallen on deaf ears.”


Learn more about Dana's story and read her resignation letter here.


Other News

Last year, the California Assembly introduced AB 101, which would require every California public high school student to take an ethnic studies course in order to graduate. AB 101 has already passed the Assembly and is now in the Senate. Additionally, the California Department of Education has published a model ethnic studies curriculum for teachers to use if and when AB 101 becomes law.

This curriculum incorporates many controversial and divisive elements, including an overarching emphasis on grievance and resentment and the proposition that an individual's skin color must be central to their identity.

FAIR does not support the banning of content and speech. However, FAIR believes that transparency is essential to our democracy. AB 101 contains no transparency provisions that would require schools to disclose to parents/guardians the curricular materials that will be used in ethnic studies, nor any procedure by which parents can access those materials. FAIR is seeking to introduce an amendment to AB 101 providing for such disclosure. More broadly, FAIR will be proposing model legislation that would require schools in all states to disclose curricular materials to parents and guardians.


Katie Herzog wrote a guest essay for FAIR Advisor Bari Weiss' Substack, Common Sense With Bari Weiss. Herzog details how censorship and anti-intellectualism are now spreading through the field of medicine at an alarming rate.

“Some of these doctors say that there is a ‘purge’ underway in the world of American medicine: question the current orthodoxy and you will be pushed out. They are so worried about the dangers of speaking out about their concerns that they will not let me identify them except by the region of the country where they work.”


Read the full article here.


The New York Times' Michael Powell wrote an illuminating piece on the A.C.L.U.'s storied history of advocating for the free speech rights of all Americans regardless of political persuasion. In it, Powell details the troubling and partisan direction the organization has taken in recent years.

“The A.C.L.U., America’s high temple of free speech and civil liberties, has emerged as a muscular and richly funded progressive powerhouse in recent years, taking on the Trump administration in more than 400 lawsuits. But the organization finds itself riven with internal tensions over whether it has stepped away from a founding principle — unwavering devotion to the First Amendment.”


Read the full article here.


Andrew Doyle joined Nick Gilepsie on the Reason podcast to discuss his new book Free Speech and Why it Matters while detailing the ongoing censorship crisis pervading much of the West.

“We are left facing that confusing and rare phenomenon: The well-intentioned authoritarian."


Listen to the podcast here.


FAIR Advisor Bari Weiss recently announced her new podcast, Honestly. This morning she released her first episode, America's Cultural Revolution. She has a candid conversation with Majdi Wadi about his family business' ordeal after tweets from his daughter made in 2012 surfaced during last summer's protests.


Listen to the podcast here.


FAIR Advisor Kenny Xu wrote an article for City Journal on how the college admissions process actively discriminates against those of Asian descent.

“Racial discrimination should not be tolerated at any professional level. Yet a vast network of racial discrimination exists at the university level against Asian-American students simply because they don’t fit into a category of favored minority that other races and ethnicities enjoy.”


Read the full article here.


FAIR Advisor Ayaan Hirsi Ali was joined by FAIR Advisor Megyn Kelly on her podcast. The two had a gripping and candid discussion on a range of topics, including media bias and how the #MeToo movement and Critical Race Theory are impacting education.


Listen to the podcast here.


FAIR Advisor Wilfred Reilly joined fellow FAIR Advisor Coleman Hughes on his podcast Conversations With Coleman. The two had a deeply provocative and nuanced discussion on race in America.


Listen to the podcast here.


Upcoming Events

Loving Day is an annual celebration held on June 12, the anniversary of the 1967 United States Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia which struck down as unconstitutional all “anti-miscegenation” laws in sixteen U.S. states banning marriage between people based on differences in skin color or ancestry.
On Loving Day, we celebrate the fact that there is only one human race and that we all have the right to live free of racialized group identity categorizations. The day serves as a reminder that our intrinsic right to be human must always be protected, both inside and outside of the courts. 
Local Events:
In-person celebrations are planned in  New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, and many more. 
Join us on Zoom starting at 3:00 pm ET on June 12 to see the introduction of the FAIR Learning Standards that will feature FAIR advisors Daryl Davis, Ian Rowe, and Melissa Chen.


Learn more and register here.


The Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism invites you to join us for the first FAIR Film Festival!

FAIR will be hosting online screenings of the feature films How Jack Became Black, Better Left Unsaid, Accidental Courtesy, and the film series The Witness Project. Additionally, attendees can view the world premiere of The Woke Reformation. 

From June 21st through 25th each night at 9 PM EDT, we will be hosting a Q&A with the filmmakers and special guests including Daryl Davis, Melissa Chen, Peter Boghossian, Eli Steele, and John Wood Jr.


Learn more and register here.


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