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Maron V. The Legal Aid Society Fundraiser

by Michael Trollan

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New York, United States (US)

Michael Trollan

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Campaign Story

Maud Maron, a public defender and candidate for New York City Council, is standing up for civil rights and liberties, and pro-human values. On July 12, 2021 Maud filed a lawsuit against her employer and union, The Legal Aid Society and Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, after they retaliated against her based on the color of her skin.


As a committed public defender with an exemplary record for over two decades, Maud has represented poor and low-income New Yorkers of every skin color in criminal court. But when she wrote an op-ed disagreeing with Robin DiAngelo’s illiberal claim that all white people are racist, her employer and union publicly attacked her in racially-charged social media posts about her alleged “white superiority,” what she must think simply because she is, in their words, a “white practitioner,” and how she participates in “white supremacy” and “oppresses” others solely because of her skin color. By claiming they are “ashamed that she works at the Legal Aid Society” and emphatically stating, “Enough is enough,” they made it clear she was no longer welcome at her job.


Maud’s deep belief in civil rights and liberties for all Americans drives her work as a public servant and an advisor to FAIR. Her lawsuit aims to protect civil rights and liberties and promote a common culture based on fairness, understanding, and humanity.


Follow Maud on Twitter @maudmaron

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Michael Trollan $5 July 12, 2021