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The ISD Parent Representative will serve as FAIR Austin’s main point of contact with other parents within the ISD.

Will promote FAIR to other parents and create an email list of those interested

He or she will become familiar with resources that FAIR National and FAIR Austin have developed for parents and will share these resources with other parents. These include:

Will request copies of materials being used by the ISD for Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness (DEI) or Social Emotional Learning (SEL) trainings for students and will forward to FAIR Austin’s Executive Committee for review. 

Will keep track of upcoming ISD Board meeting agendas. Will note when DEI and SEL curriculum are being discussed or being adopted. Will forward this information on to other interested parents and FAIR Austin leadership

Will help identify other parents who are interested in serving as public speakers at ISD meetings on behalf of FAIR Austin

Will promote FAIR at School program and will work with local parents to identify high school students who will sponsor the program within their high schools.

Will work with FAIR National to get FAIR’s Pro Human, non-divisive curriculum, The FAIRstory Curriculum, adopted by schools and local ISD

*ISDs in our chapter include

Bartlett ISD
Bastrop ISD
Blanco ISD
Burnet CISD
Coupland ISD
Del Valle ISD
Dripping Springs ISD
Eanes ISD
Elgin ISD
Florence ISD
Fredericksburg ISD
Georgetown ISD
Granger ISD
Hays ISD
Hutto ISD
Jarrell ISD
Johnson City ISD
Lago Vista ISD
Lake Travis ISD
Leander ISD
Liberty Hill ISD
Llano ISD
Manor ISD
Marble Falls ISD
Pflugerville ISD
Round Rock ISD
San Marcos CISD
Smithville ISD
Taylor ISD
Thrall ISD
Wimberley ISD


FAIR’s mission is to advance civil rights and liberties for all Americans and promote a common culture based on fairness, understanding, and humanity. The Austin Chapter must be visible within the local community by educating and empowering Texans—parents, educators, students, politicians, employees, and administrators—with the tools and knowledge necessary mission to advance FAIR’s mission.

The Austin Chapter of FAIR is looking to fill several volunteer positions under the Communications umbrella to inform, educate, advance FAIR’s mission.


The Email Liaison is responsible for engaging with new leads (new member signups with FAIR National) and consistent outreach to active members.

Nurturing new leads includes writing emails that help people go from interested to engaged/active. 

Member outreach is about building community. We need regular “touches” to keep people engaged and excited in between meetings. Outreach will include:

  • A monthly newsletter 
  • Weekly or biweekly short emails about what the Chapter is doing and planning, promoting new articles on the website, etc. (NOTE: The cadence may adjust based on FAIR’s policies.)

Additional abilities:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of MailChimp is helpful but not required


The Content Creator helps spread FAIR’s mission in our local community. They draw attention to regional and statewide events that exemplify either pro-human values or the undesirable subtle influence of neo-racism and race-essentialist ideology in all aspects of our lives. 

Specifically, the Content Creator will:

  • Contribute original posts to the FAIR Austin Chapter website and newsletter
  • Write short, descriptive abstracts for articles, podcasts, videos, etc. linked on our website
  • Help generate ideas for more posts or newsletter articles

Additional abilities:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficient in Google Docs (or MS Word); familiar with Google Drive
Legal and Legislative

The FAIR Austin Legal Liaison Team will consist of members of the State Bar of Texas who will serve the chapter by helping educate FAIR Austin members and volunteers regarding the current state of Texas law related to FAIR’s Mission. This includes laws related to the workplace and classroom. Additionally, if a Legal Liaison identifies a potential cause of action, and a member wants to pursue it, he or she will direct the member to the FAIR National Legal Department. Importantly, FAIR does not litigate potential cases in-house. Instead, FAIR National will determine if FAIR will support and fund litigation or otherwise direct the potential claimant to an attorney in the FAIR National Legal Network. The Legal Liaison is NOT expected to file lawsuits nor participate in any litigation that FAIR National takes on. However, he or she is welcome to volunteer with the FAIR National Legal Network as part of any litigation effort, and if a member of the FAIR National Legal Network, may engage in compensated legal work that FAIR supports.  Both FAIR Austin and each Legal Liaison acknowledge and agree that the Legal Liaison is not providing legal advice or services to or on behalf of FAIR Austin, and that that nothing a Legal Liaison does shall or is intended to create a lawyer-client relationship between the Legal Liaison and FAIR Austin. Any FAIR Austin Legal Liaison shall clearly communicate the same to any FAIR Austin members with whom they interact. 

Anticipated duties of the Legal Liaison are:

Familiarize themselves with the relevant sections of the Texas state education code and case law interpreting it. Review recent bills that have passed the TX legislature related to the teaching of CRT influenced curricula and training for teachers. This includes sections Texas Education Code (EDUC) § 26.001§ 26.006, § 28.004(j), § 28.004, § 26.008 § 26.010 26.007§ 26.012 §26.011 and § 28.004 (i-1) § 22.0514 § 4.001(b) and § 28.002(h) 28.002(h)(2) § 29.906(d) § 28.0022(g) § 28.0022(a)(1) § 28.002 § 28.0022(a)(4) § 22.0514

Familiarize themselves with relevant Federal Civil Rights Law including Title VII for employment issues and Title VI for educational issues, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Answer questions coming through the legal question portal form on FAIR Austin’s Website. When speaking to any inquiring party, the Legal Liaison will explain that: the relationship between FAIR Austin, and the Legal Liaison on the one hand, and the inquiring party on the other, is educational only; that neither FAIR Austin nor the Legal Liaison are providing legal advice or services; and that nothing FAIR Austin or the Legal Liaison does is intended to create a lawyer-client relationship between the FAIR Austin and/or the Legal Liaison on the one hand, and the inquiring party on the other. We will also have a button that the member will have to select that they agree this does not constitute a legal relationship before the form is submitted with their contact information. 

Prior to starting the volunteer relationship, we will determine whether the legal volunteer is more comfortable fielding questions over the phone or via email.